The standard fee a preliminary notice is $22.00. If our office receives more than 20 notice requests per month for processing, that fee is reduced.

If a notice request doesn’t have a proper job address, additional fees may apply.

Please see cost schedule below for preliminary notices and other services.

Type of Service Fee
Preliminary Notice 1-3 29.00
Preliminary Notice 4-20 24.00
Preliminary Notice 21-100 22.00
Preliminary Notice 101 and up 18.00
Explanation Prelim Insert($1. per prelim) 1.00
24 Hour Pre-lien Notice (RUSH) add 10.00
Texas Notice 50.00
Utah Notice 40.00
Amended Preliminary Notice 9.00
Amended Preliminary Notice in AZ & RUSH 18.00
Additional research when wrong jobsite provided 20.00
Intent to Lien 50.00
Mechanic's Lien 225.00*
Satisfaction of Lien 25.00
Miller or Little Miller Notice 50.00
Stop Notice 175.00
Bond Claim 200.00

*There may be extra charges for the mechanic’s lien, depending on such factors as legal description difficulty and lien amount. There is a $50 added charge for 'rush'. Recording fees are not included in above price.

Certified mail receipt fees are not included in the above price.

The above fees are based on at least five (5) working days notice, except for the 24 hour rush service. First class mailing with proof of service is included in fee for AZ prelims. Any preliminary notice that requires certified mail, such as prelims outside of AZ will be added to the above-quoted price.

Once you are set-up in our system you can go to: and submit your requests.

Why Hire a Preliminary Lien Service ?

Time is of the essence. If a company does not have the time to thoroughly research Construction Trust Deeds and verification for the project, it can be time consuming and costly. Let us do the research, perfect and protect your Mechanic’s Lien rights for you.

At RCS our primary business is filling preliminary notices. We have access to resources needed to quickly verify the information you provide. After researching the information on the Clients request and we find that a correction needs to be made, i.e. a typo in the address number or misspelling of an owner name, etc., we contact the client, report the findings and make the correction. For reasons stated above, it would be more cost-effective to hire RCS to do the work for you.

Notices & Mechanics Liens

RCS specializes in Preliminary Lien Notices and Mechanics Liens. Do you know the answers to the following questions? Maybe; but it’s important to know the laws behind your questions

  1. What is a Mechanic’s Lien Claim
  2. Who Can File a Mechanics’ Lien Claim
  3. Are “Pre-Notices” for Mechanics’ Lien Claim Required?
  4. Can a Mechanics’ Lien Claim be filed without a pre-notice?
  5. Is it necessary to file a Pre-lien Notice in order to make a claim against a payment Bond
  6. Questions regarding costs of filing Fees.

Also, mechanics lien filing requirements are strictly construed and interpretation can be somewhat confusing. Mistakes in filing a mechanics lien can leave a contractor or supplier without lien rights.

Please refer to our website Click “Resources” and view our 11-page manual for ARIZONA MECHANIC'S LIEN LAWS under Arizona Mechanic's Lien Laws which contains Table of Contents: Introduction, Preliminary 20-Day Notice, Lien Waivers, Recording Mechanic's Liens, Completion, Lien Enforcement, Bond Claims, Stop Notices, Time-Flow Chart. They can also view Lien Laws Basic Summary for the 50 states.

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